Bismuth Tin Wire 57Bi 42Sn 1Ag

 Bismuth Tin Wire 57Bi 42Sn 1Ag
 Bismuth Tin Wire 57Bi 42Sn 1Ag
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Bismuth-tin wire is a good low temperature lead-free alloy.

Alloy: 57Bi 42Sn 1Ag
Diameter: .030"
Quantity: 3 ft /1meter
Liquidus Melting Temperature: 140°C Eutectic
Solidus Melting Temperature: 139°C Eutectic
Pb-Free: Yes
Bismuth (Bi) is being used more and more as a replacement for lead in solder alloys because it is non-toxic. Although the melting temperature of pure bismuth is 271°C, the addition of bismuth will lower the melting temperature of most metals it is alloyed with. Bismuth compounds are also widely used in medical and cosmetic applications.
The most popular lead-free bismuth solder alloys are (58Bi 42Sn) which melts at 138°C and  (57Bi42Sn1Ag) which melts at 140°C. The addition of the 1% Ag makes the alloy more malleable. Both alloys can be used for step soldering applications. After the initial joints are made with a standard SAC alloy (220°C) subsequent soldering operations can be done using the bismuth alloys.
Bismuth is the most diamagnetic and the least thermally conductive of all metals
In addition to being non-toxic it does not oxidize as readily as lead does.


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