HAM radio

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Bias Tee Wideband 1- 6000 MHz
Bias Tee Wideband 1-6000 MHz High Quality Product • Connector: SMA Female Jack..
Ex Tax: $19.98
Diplexer 2m 70cm
Mini Diplexer for 2m 70cm Can be used to combine two antennas to a dual band rig wi..
Ex Tax: $14.98
FM Notch Filter
FM Notch Filter 88-108 MHz band reject filter for HAM RTL SDR receiver   Local 88-10..
Ex Tax: $15.98
HF band Multi Band Pass Filter
High quality Multi Band Pass Filter board with 2x SMA connectors Bands: 1.6-2.5MHz..
Ex Tax: $79.98
HF Band Pass Filter
Monoband Band Pass Filter Selectable Frequencies  Bands: 1.6-2.5MHz  &..
Ex Tax: $29.98
JNB 200 Dual Band HF Transceiver
JNB 200  Dual Band HF Transceiver QRP radio   TX and RX range:   3..
Ex Tax: $329.98
MiniWhip Active HF Antenna
MiniWhip Active Antenna    - Frequency range: 10 kHz - 30 MHz - Power: 12 -..
Ex Tax: $49.98
Precision Crystal Heater
Precision Crystal Heater board This heater is useful to bring the temperature of a crystal t..
Ex Tax: $19.98
QRO SWR and POWER Meter PCB 1KW 1000W up to 300MHz assembled • HF 1KW ,VHF max 500W •&nbs..
Ex Tax: $29.98
RF Active Probe + DC Out
RF Active Probe + DC out 100KHz - 1GHz for  analyzer, oscilloscope   Spec..
Ex Tax: $29.99
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